JSC “Semilukihleb”

JSC “Semilukihleb” was registered in 1997. The main activity of the company is the production of bakery products. JSC “Semilukikhleb” is a major supplier of bread for the inhabitants of the town of Semiluki and the Semiluksky district.

The company uses traditional Russian technology. Today, it produces more than 25 kinds of bakery and confectionery products. Among them bread “Hercules” (with iodocasein), bread called “Doctorskiy” (with bran), buns under the trade mark “Ryabinushka” with amitone etc.

General Director: Alexander Alexandrovich Dikarev

Contact information.

Address: 1-A, Ryazantseva str., the town of Semiluki, Semiluksky district, Voronezh region, 396901, Russia.

Phone: +7 (473) 16 71 722

e-mail: daily-bread@list.ru